The blue crystal orb By:T.Y 4JM SHB school

have you ever wondered what life would be like if you found something that people say is mystery?I have!There was a legend a myth a mystery!It’s about an orb,a crystal orb!They say it’s mystery,but I think that it’s real!Many have tried to find it but have failed.No one has succeeded,they say the map is on a tree from heaven!Some say it’s not real,but I believe it is.There’s a riddle,they use to say was the clue to find the orb,but many have tried and many have failed.The riddle is “A tree from heaven but somewhere on earth.A crystal ball that never brakes,will grow a plant that will last forvever!Thou ever shall finds the ball will become true!I still believe the riddle is a clue.One dark noght as dark as space and the moon was full I packed my bag!Tiptoed down the stairs and wnet into kitchen then crept out of the house!Day and night I search for that orb,but I couldn’t find it.As the days past on and hope sank down I started to end my beleive of the orb…But suddenly!I saw sometihng glowing in the distance!I was at a field so no one could see me and the glow.As I got closer to it,it looked as if it was getting smaller and smaller every time I took a step!Then I saw it! It was the map just below the tree!The first part of the riddle is solved!It was called the tree of heaven because it has been standing there on that spot for a century,and people say that the gods sent this tree to tell people to live life as it should be.

Now I need to follow the map.For days I searched but still nothing!But I still have hope.Then on one bright and sunny day the map ended!I stopped!And I saw right in front of me a cave!I couldn’t follow the map anymore because that’s all the directions it had!But I still went in!A while later I found a blue crystal glow!So I went closer and closer in!And there it was the orb!Peace and harmony sprouted across the world and that’s the end the riddle.The plant is the peace and harmony and the orb is the never ending ball.THE END!

2 thoughts on “The blue crystal orb By:T.Y 4JM SHB school

  1. Dear T.Y

    I really enjoyed reading your story but some words were spelt wrong and one very obvious mistake was that you forgot a capital letter at the beginning of the story.

    From Lena

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