“The one wish” Lena 4TF Shrewsbury International school

My mum told me a story so I have written it in my own words it is called “The one wish”

Once there was a man called Tony who had a wife, two daughters and a son and they had a very happy life because Tony’s son and daughter’s are the best in their class. The one fortunate day when Tony was relaxing on the comfortable sofa, he saw a light like god flying down towards him and said to Tony “You have been good through your whole life, I would like to grant you a wish” Then Tony replied ” I would like to be an Immortal” Then the light asked “Are you sure?”So Tony replied “Yes!?”Then he spoke out some kind off words that will make the wish come true. ¬†Then sixty years later his wife then died but Tony was still young and handsome, at the same time his kids were already married so Tony had to find a new wife but then his SECOND wife died leaving her child with Tony. Then not many years after that his beloved kids died when ¬†they were 85, then after that day he had no one with him because his loved one is gone to happiness. Then he lied on the sofa the exact same action as he did when he had the wish granted then his tears started to fill his eyes and then he sobbed ” I was sorry, I wanted live forever and … and I thought happiness was to never die and to keep my eyes open and see the world forever … I AM SORRY. Please give me a chance to return the wish to you” Then a light flew down from the chandelier brighter than the sun but the man didn’t try to block the light away he felt delighted and smiled like he never did then the light came flying down in front of Tony and asked “Have you learned your mistake Tony” ” Yes … I … Uh I ..I was greedy” He replied happily. Then he said “I want you to take my wish back, the wish that I said without thinking” “That would be pleasure to take the wish back” Then the light of god made a low mumbling song like some kind of praying script to turn away the wish. Then after that day the man still have to live until he die but after what happen Tony never be greedy again.

This story teaches you not to be greedy (You cannot change what you have done if you already do it if it is a big happening)

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