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Welcome to PassTheBlog. This project is inviting 52 teachers to allow their pupils to take control of this blog for 1 week. Each week, a new school or class will take control of this blog and over the year, this blog will travel the globe and will come back full of wonderful posts and comments. The overall admin control of the blog will be overseen by David Mitchell. Each teacher will receive a log in prior to their week with limited admin rights (to approve pupil posts) and a pupil log in set at contributor rights (allowed to submit posts).

Sign up is easy, first, you must read the guide here. If you agree and think you can contribute, please feel free to add your details to the spreadsheet below. By filling in the spreadsheet, it does not ensure you have that week. Slight changes may be made to ensure the blog geographically moves and also the blog is owned by different year groups. Please take a look at the spreadsheet here and fill in your details under the week you’d like.

Here is a map from the spreadsheet using Google Gadget:


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