My story

At the moment I (Eleanor) have been writing a story at home, about mine and Isabella’s cloud houses’. It isn’t finished yet but as we only have pass the blog for one week I have decided to post what I have so far. I hope you enjoy it!

One time, at a small frail school, there were some year 6s’ in the library. Now, in this decayed library, it seemed to be dreaded reading time. But there were two girls who hated it the most. They thought it was too boring! Their names were Isabella and Eleanor.

Isabella had long wisps of fair hair, was average hight, had deep maroon eyes and was always giggling. Eleanor had thin, brown hair that was a few inches from her shoulders, was very tall- taller than isabella-, had crystle blue eyes and a big smile.

On this particular day, Mrs. Bright (the strictest teacher in the school) had decided to let the year 6s’ choose a book of their choice- which was not often!
‘ Yawn!’ Eleanor muttered. Isabella lightly giggled.
‘ Have YOU TWO got some thing to tell me?’ Mrs Bright bellowed with her big, bloodshot eyes glaring at the two girls.
‘Sorry.’ they both quickly blurted.
‘ Now go find yourselves a book children!’ chanted Mrs. Bright

Eleanor and Isabella did not move a muscle. They stayed where they were in pure PROTEST!
‘ And what do you two think you’re doing AGAIN??!! I know reading is not your favourite subject but does NOT exclude you two! NOW SHOO!!!’ She screeched explodingly spraying spit on the two girls on every ‘b’ ‘s’ or ‘t’! The two girls were taken aback. They knew this time that she meant buisness. They quickly scuttled to the nearest bookshelf and Eleanor grabbed the first book that slid into her hand.

The beautiful picture-book had big, bold letters on the front saying ‘Choices!’
‘ Choices?’ Eleanor muttered slowly.
They slowly turned the old decayed page. There was a beautiful scene of tropical forests, dangerous mountains, busy cities and beach huts all from birds eye view. The text said:

‘Where would YOU live?
Whatever YOUR choices I will give.

Once for

First News said “Will sea cities save the world?”

COULD cities that float on the sea be the answer to the threat of flooding and provide food for the world?

Can sea cities save the worldSome peopel think so. The idea is already being tested and they believe that floating cities will make more homes for a growing population, without having to use land needed to grow food. And they believe floating citys will enable more food to be grown, so that no-one in the world is hungry.I think this is a good ider and it could work.

what do you think. (say what you think in the



Hello, Georgia again! Just saying that me, Millie and Elise are celebrating lent! I’m giving up lollipops (I’ve got a massive jar of them also I absolutely loove them!!)
Elise is giving up pasta ( she eats it just about every day!!) And finally Millie is giving up chocolate (I’m surprised she didn’t give a valentines card to it!!)

So I was just asking if anyone else is celebrating lent, what are you giving up, and why?


By Georgia

100WC By Eleanor and Isabella

This is the 100 word challenge by Eleanor and Isabella.


It was pancake day again. Brings back memories… not good ones. It was when… when the accident happened. I was 5 years old. I cant even think about it… It was after school, when my mum started flipping the pancakes. I still see it now… Mum flipped the pancake up but it was not ready. BIG MISTAKE. I can still hear the flipping. THE SCREAMING! It came back down, sizzling, sizzling…… Mum was ready to catch it, but it landed on the floor. She stepped forward onto the sizzling sensation. The slip. I can hear it now. The crack, the scream…

“The one wish” Lena 4TF Shrewsbury International school

My mum told me a story so I have written it in my own words it is called “The one wish”

Once there was a man called Tony who had a wife, two daughters and a son and they had a very happy life because Tony’s son and daughter’s are the best in their class. The one fortunate day when Tony was relaxing on the comfortable sofa, he saw a light like god flying down towards him and said to Tony “You have been good through your whole life, I would like to grant you a wish” Then Tony replied ” I would like to be an Immortal” Then the light asked “Are you sure?”So Tony replied “Yes!?”Then he spoke out some kind off words that will make the wish come true.

The blue crystal orb By:T.Y 4JM SHB school

have you ever wondered what life would be like if you found something that people say is mystery?I have!There was a legend a myth a mystery!It’s about an orb,a crystal orb!They say it’s mystery,but I think that it’s real!Many have tried to find it but have failed.No one has succeeded,they say the map is on a tree from heaven!Some say it’s not real,but I believe it is.There’s a riddle,they use to say was the clue to find the orb,but many have tried and many have failed.The riddle is “A tree from heaven but somewhere on earth.A crystal ball that never brakes,will grow a plant that will last forvever!Thou ever shall finds the ball will become true!I still believe the riddle is a clue.One dark noght as dark as space and the moon was full I packed my bag!Tiptoed down the stairs and wnet into kitchen then crept out of the house!Day and night I search for that orb,but I couldn’t find it.As the days past on and hope sank down I started to end my beleive of the orb…But suddenly!I saw sometihng glowing in the distance!I was at a field so no one could see me and the glow.As I got closer to it,it looked as if it was getting smaller and smaller every time I took a step!Then I saw it! It was the map just below the tree!The first part of the riddle is solved!It was called the tree of heaven because it has been standing there on that spot for a century,and people say that the gods sent this tree to tell people to live life as it should be.

Now I need to follow the map.For days I searched but still nothing!But I still have hope.Then on one bright and sunny day the map ended!I stopped!And I saw right in front of me a cave!I couldn’t follow the map anymore because that’s all the directions it had!But I still went in!A while later I found a blue crystal glow!So I went closer and closer in!And there it was the orb!Peace and harmony sprouted across the world and that’s the end the riddle.The plant is the peace and harmony and the orb is the never ending ball.THE END!

My 100wc …out of the blue…-Pam 4TF

One night there was a boy called Jack. He was a boy who had 3 eyes was sleeping with his . Out of the blue a yellow shiny sun came out from the light blue sky. Every one was scared because they think there is some thing went wrong, but Jack was very brave to go closer and closer and closer. Until the sun burst out. Jack was now very scared he came to his home and he called his Mum to come with him. But at last he went home and eat his delicious

All about Natural Disaters by Choo Choo 4TF

Hello, my name is choochoo.

An natural diaster is an natural things like the forest is going bad because of the earth. A Volcano erupted because under the earth have a magma which is a very hot things fills up the volcano and finally erupted. For the tsunami it is the big wave happen in sudden at the sea in a height. It is caused because we have an earthquake under the sea or and hurricane or an volcano erupted at the ring of fire or at the middle of the sea. It causes an tsunami. How earthquakes happened? Earthquakes happened because under the earth it is moving hardly together. If we do not feel it there could be happen in sudden or you don’t feel it for the whole time. A hurricane caused First they start very small at the middle of the ocean. They travel 130 miles per hour. There could be three way happened the hurricane.First the warm water rise up from the sea forming an small cloud. It get rain and more heats goes up to the air formed thunder cloud. This pulls

Melody HugenssThe stranger! By T.Y 4JM SHB

A Dark black night.As dark as space.As silent as the planet “Neptune.”But! A shadow was running through my village!”What was that!”I thought staring curiously to the night. AHHWOO!”That’s the sound of a wolf!”I exclaimed.I looked back!Two bloody red ruby eyes I saw!It pounced at me!I rolled down the hill I was on!SPLASH!I fell in water!But!It’s a puddle!How can a puddle be this deep?!”I asked my self.”The shadow!”I shouted.I swam to it.I tried to touch.Then…It…DISAPPEARED!I couldn’t believe my eyes!But still a swam to it!Trying to find it was a very tough challenge!Then suddenly!It was warm!It felt familiar!A green grass field was in front of me.It felt like I was in Tennessee!I smiled!It’s my home!I was born there.Then the shadow came again!~But it wasn’t a shadow this time…It was my daddy!”Why did you make me go to all of this trouble daddy?”I asked him.”Because sweet heart,I want you to come home!”he replied.”But can’t!