The Blitz

Sirens echo around the city,

Fear creeps through the streets,

Air rair shelters wrap anxious people in safety,

Search lights crisscross in the moon light like sharp swords clashing,

Luftwaffe soar over the city dropping bombs like confetti-no happiness here,

Worried wardens search the deadly streets for stranded survivors,

Sizzling smoke dances in the twilight hour,

Burning buildings fall like children’s tears,

Roaring fire, like cats tongues, lick through their tortured, tangled skeletons,

Quickly the scared citizens clip their gas masks on,

Noises echo around the city fire, explosions,

Morning sunlight brings sadness to the city,

For I am the Blitz Destroyer of all.

By Cobi

The Blitz

My skeleton is the twisted, tangled, tortured timber.

My hair is the smoke, weaving through the air.

My searching eyes are the maps leeding me from place to place.

My heart is completely empty of all the emotion.

My tears are the falling bombs, flattening everything.

Everywhere I look I  see dirty dark dusty death.

Stamping feet demolishing houses causing rubble everywhere.

Everyone fears me , for I am the Blitz.

By Fenton Skidmore.




Oisin McGann:-)

On Monday an aurthor Oisin McGann is coming in to visit for arts week.

I have to read one of his books called Under Fragile Stone.Its about two teenagers that have to rescue their parents on a haunted mountain.

I have to ask the author questions on Monday about this book.

it should be good fun:-)  – by Hannah.


One scary night the stars shine bright.

And all the spooks meet to make a magic spell.

They used some water from a well.

They used some fur from a cat.

They wings from a bat and a tail from a rat.

The magic spell makes a furry pumpkin with wings and tail.

The spooks were caught and brought to jail.


My Halloween poem

Witches and goblins

spooks and elves

all ghouls night has come at last,


get on the costumes

get on the mask

before the ghouls come at last


So if tonight you are not out

then you have not gone Trick or Treating

by D.A





Trick or treat

Give me something nice to eat

It may be big

It may be small

But if it’s candy thats all

The sky is dark

The moon is grey

But when I have my candy im OK

Knocking on a door

Saying can I have some more


Halloween Halloween

Halloween is a day.

Where the ghosts may pay.

We wear masks.

They won’t have time to pay tax.

All we have to do.

Is make a trick or two.

Don’t be throwing eggs.

Or you’ll be hanging up in pegs

You may get scared .

But don’t think you’re dead.

Make the ghosts pay.

By shooting a ghostbusteray!

Oh Halloween

Oh Halloween oh Halloween

you make me want to scream

and when I do you make a

dream into a magic theme.

Oh Halloween oh Halloween

would you score for my magic team.

Oh Halloween oh Halloween

I will trick if you won’t  TREAT.

By Yonas


One silent night

When the moon was bright

I was in my bed

Looking at the shed

The door flung open

Then someone said

October 31 has come

Ive  come back from the dead.

A man stepped out

But  he was no ordinary man

For his face was as  pale as the moon

I saw a man  come out of the shed that night

But where did he come from

I guess we’ll never find out.

By J.C

Halloween fright night

Halloween Halloween

People dressed in green

Frankinstien withes devil oh differnt things to be

Loads of creepy crawlys all around you

Every year Halloween goes higher and higher

We love to lit bomfires

We knock on your door we say trick or teat

You better give us something to eat

The dogs hidding in the house

They know what is coming hidding in their oweners blouse

Halloween is yet to come.


This is the time

This is the time of year

When every child must face their fear

Spiders wider than a cup of cider,

Witches a fly in the night sky

Ghosts and goblins

What a fright on

Halloween tonight,

We see big black cats

And some vampire bats.

Spooky Krooley

Scarey Warey Halloween,

It’s sort of scary!!!

by Meabh T

One Halloween Night

One Halloween night,

I got a big fright,

It was the same as the last ,

But I still had a blast,

After trick or treating we got lots of treats,

We went back to my house and ate all the sweets,

We then went outside,

And seen Frankenstein’s bride,

I was so scared at the sight,

I had no where to hide,

As the fireworks began to bang,

More and more,

Is the chorus the crowd sang,

As I was walking down an ally,

I could see a bat flying high,

As I continued to walk down I seen a cat walking by,

So I went on home at the end of the night,

I went up to my room and turned off the light,

And fell into a deep sleep as the day was a delight.


Halloween Poem

Halloween, Halloween

It is really great fun

Nobody can wait unit it has come.


Halloween, Halloween

People walk around in fright

All of the ghosts come out at night.


Halloween, Halloween

The children knock on doors for a treat

What will they get an eyeball or a sweet.


Halloween, Halloween

The bat flies out from his cave

The spooky zombie rises from his grave


After all of that the children go to bed

I wonder what sort of scary

things are going through their heads.

By Shauna W


Halloween Poem

The ghosts and ghouls come out to scare,

Which is something very rare,

Trying to get everybody that night,

Giving people quite a fright.


All the decorations up,

Nobody can even take a sip from their cup,

What would scare most?

None other than the ghost.


Screams are not nice to hear,

Sometimes they can deafen your ear,

Even though Halloween is over,

Next year it will just start over.

By A.T


One cold night

When it was not bright,

I didn’t go trick or treating

Because I had no sweets.

Iwas going to be a ghost

But I had some toast!

My sister was Mr.Bean

I thought that was kind of mean!

Some little kids knocked on my door

I never had that before,

By the end of the night

I got such a fright

But the fireworks were such a delight.



 On Halloween day

people trick or treat

door to door

to have something to eat


They are all dressed

nice and neat

do you know why

its because they wanna trick or treat


After all this

after they trick or treat

they go inside

and have plenty to eat


After they eat

after they go outside

they light up a bonfire

and they all hide

Old Hallow’s eve

Old Hallow’s eve, Old Hallow’s eve

There’s an eerie feeling in the air

Old Hallow’s eve, On Old Hallow’s eve

Awesome costumes everywhere


On Old Hallow’s eve,  On Old Hallow’s eve

Children trick or treat

On Old Hallow’s eve,  On Old Hallow’s eve

They get lots of treats to eat

Old Hallow’s eve, Old Hallow’s eve

Dangerous bonfires everywhere

Old Hallow’s eve On Old Hallow’s eve

spooky witches in the air

On Old Hallow’s eve,On Old Hallow’s eve

Scary stories get told

On Old Hallow’s eve, On Old Hallow’s eve

Fireworks and bangers do scare the old.

By J.Mc


Halloween is scary, 

Halloween is spooky,

There are ghosts and ghouls,                       

Bats and rats,

Kids in costumes,

Trick or treat!!!


Halloween is fun,

Halloween is exciting,

It can also be quite frightening!!!


Fireworks explode,

Bon fires are lit,

Pumpkins are cut into funny faces,       

Oh, how I love Halloween!!!


By Emily:)

The Come Back of the Aliens!

Hi, my name is Ellie and I am in Year 5 and we have been writing our own adventure stories. Have a read of mine.

“Are you ready girls?”

Yelled Nicola exitedly.As soon as they heard the booming voice, Bianca and Mia bolted as fast as a bullet through the thick mist. The yellow,chequerd taxi come to life with an almighty ROAR! Terrified,worried,exited,the three scientist turned around the corner to the NASA HQ. Before they knew it,Nicola,Bianca and Mia were being shoved into the collosal,towering rocket. “3,2,1…Lift off!” Bellowed the monatone voice through the tanoy. With a sense of fear and trepidation,the girls were being propelled into the unknown dephs of outer space,it was as dark as a haunted house! A hushed silence filled the air. Their saturn adventure had begun. Was it really happening?……

   Exitedly, the space lovers drifted about their cabbens stuggling to ajust to their new surroundings,as they chatted away nervously. Hearts raced,blood pumped. Would they survive in this terrible blackness? Frightend,scared,terrified, their hearts skipped a beat,mouths dropped, as they past many wonderful planets. A worried expresstion crept up Mia’s face,”NO!!!” S0mehow, Bianca had leant on the emergency landing lever and now the shuttle was spinning like a tornado. CRASH!!! What had happened?……

        CRASH!BANG!BOOM! Nicola and the girls,her sisters,sat frozen still.”Bianca!Where are you going?” Yelled Mia. There was no answer. Just a loud scream! Worried,frightened,concerned, the terrified souls scurried out onto the boiling,barren landscape. Where were they? Ahead of them apeard to be an army of aliens accelerating towards them! “What do you want?” Shreiked Nicola, cluching her fist. SMACK!!!!! What had hit them? An alien struck out at them with a piece of rocket piping. In a few seconds, the two species battled for what seemed like ages.


                                                        1 hour later…….

On the hot planet,Nicola leapt back from the frenzy of fist. Why were they fighting? “STOP BATTLING!” screamed an alien before  Nicola could. Without a moment hesatatoin,the tribe of aliens set about mending the broken rocket.”WHY ARE THEY GETTING IN OUR ROCKET???” Screamed Bianca.

To be continued…….

The haunted house by Mehma

Lightning struck. All you could hear was the squeaking of the bats, ugly fat bats. One foot then another i slowly tiptoed towards this humongous castle. I opened the ragged door. The house was full of dead rotten corpse lying everywhere. I walked through the alleyway, trying to not step on the dead bodies. It went on and on until… it came to a small door.  It had a picture of a skelington carved out horribly,with spiderweb patterns around the drawing. I looked everywhere for a key but the only thing that i found was a sharp canine,it looked as if it belonged to a lion. I thought that the only solution was to shrink. There was a small bottle on the ground, it looked like it had rasberry jucie inside,so i drank it and i felt a sort of strange feeling a kind of shiver down my spine…the next thing i knew i was another DEAD CORPSE…..

Ash class’s favourite crisps

Favourite crisps:

Anaik – Cheese and onion

Jasleen – Ready salted

Farhana – Cheese and onion

Yusra – Prawn cocktail

Jaya – Ready salted

Maya – Ready salted

Rodrigo – Cheese and onion

Yasmin – Prawn cocktail

Jeevan – Salt and vinegar

Abby – Ready salted

Sunny – Roast Chicken

Ali – Prawn cocktail

Nikhil – Prawn Cocktail

Mehma – Thai sweet chilli

Zedek – Prawn cocktail

Ayush – Ready salted

Lakshay – Ready salted

Hannah – BBQ ribs

Paul – BBQ ribs

Shyloh – Smokey bacon

Parth – Ready salted

Saleem – Prawn cocktail

Kevin – Cheese and onion

By Anaik and Jasleen