Oh Halloween Oh Halloween

You make me scream

You make me scared

You get me to jump.


Oh Halloween Oh Halloween

You make me drink blood

And you make my eyes pop wide

You even make me not to trick or treat

Oh Halloween Oh Halloween

You make me not to go outside

You make me wee that’s how scared I am!!

Oh Halloween Oh Halloween


by Frank


Halloween is a fun night

Full of spooks, ghosts and fright,

Knock on doors and ask for treats

Get my bag full of sweets!


Dressing up is fun to do

As a ghost or Winnie the Pooh,

Bonfires and Fireworks

In the dark everything lurks.


Lots of party games

All the kids glad they came

Scaring people on the street

That is the fun of trick or treat!


By Karl S



Our School Blog


We are taking part in Maths Week this week and next week we have Arts Week. There are lots of activities in school next week, including a visiting author, visiting composer and the Army band.

On Friday we have a dress up day. All the staff and all the teachers dress up as characters from their favourite book.

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St. Molaga’s Senior National School

We are looking forward to taking care of the blog this week! We are in 6th class, the final year of our primary education so it is an important year for all of us. Our teacher is Ms. Brennock and our school principal is Ms. Costello. Our school is in Balbriggan, a growing town about 20km North of Dublin. Our school is mixed (boys and girls), we wear a uniform and this year it is 25 years old!

Farewell from St Thomas Of Canterbury in Salford England

Thank you for all your comments on the blog. As we have just started blogging in our school it has been great to get the whole of the junior school involved. The children have thoroughly enjoyed it and will be commenting on all the other posts from the next schools.

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Thanks again,

From Miss Miley and all of us at St Thomas of Canterbury

What Really Happened to Laika….

Hi I’m Kaja from Year 5 and this is my 50% true adventure story! Read this to know what realy happened the Russian dog.

In rememberence of Laika, the Space dog

“Get in,NOW!” one of the bossy staff yelled at me. In a fraction of a millisecond, I was in my little rocket.

“10,9,8,7” I heard the technical voice bellow. I shuck with exitment…and fear. With much trouble, I fastened my seatbelt.

“6,5,4.” The rocket started to shake violently and uncontrolably; just like me. I nearly exploded. I just hoped the rocket didn’t. All these diffrent similies swirled round and round my head.

“3,2,1 and…LIFT OFF!” This was it. Laika the Space dog!!! Before I knew it, I was soaring through stars and planets. The rocket was flying as fast as a burning star. I wonder what I’ll find up there as high as in heaven?

Impatiently, I sat inside my cramped rocket, Sputnik 2, and looked around. Butterflies fluttered hilariously in my tummy, so much that it started to hurt. I forgot to say, my freinds, Albina and Mushka, are here with me too. My heart skipped a beat, and then added a beat, and skipped one again. Exitement tingled through my body. All of a sudden, I felt like I was in an aeroplane. An aeroplane that was just landing.

“We’re landing!” Albina cheered exitedly. She was perfectly right.

THUD! The door opened. The sky was pitch black. The ground was snowy white. Nervously, I jumped out of the rocket with Albina and Mushka behind me. I stepped onto the sandy ground.

To be continued…..