Newtown, further thoughts…

On the 14th December 2011 a horrendous massacre took place at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown which claimed the lives of 28 people (including the perpetrator and his mother (who he stole the guns from)). In the days that followed Americans, as well as the whole world, were putting forward (some arguing with each other) their own different opinions on how to try and prevent there from being another similar atrocity in the future and also try to fix an already growing problem in a country that has over 300 million guns (which is more than 1 gun per every adult in America) and has the worst gun homicide rates for a developed country.

It is clear that there is a gun problem at the minute in America.

Is it the people or the guns? asks Andrew

The recent events in America have sparked debate all around the world, a common theme that has emerged is the ‘people or the guns’ debate. Many people argue that regardless of the fact that the people have the guns it is due to the nature of the people that causes the terrible events, ‘It’s the people who kill not the guns’. Other people argue that it is the lack of gun control and their integration to the American Society. Personally I think that though it may be true that it is due to the person’s nature that they do these terrible things, having more guns as some US politicians want can do nothing to help the problem. Having guns can make it comparatively easy for someone to kill multiple people compared to if there were stricter rules and people therefore resorted to more rudimentary and therefore less destructive weapons such as knives or even not carried out the crime. Having more guns to me can in no way improve the situation, can you imagine teachers in primary schools across the US carrying firearms? This could create more problems, as due to human error children may be able to get hold of these weapons and it could lead to many more firearms incidents involving children. In conclusion stricter gun control measures would make sense to me in the US, this would limit the amount of firearms that people are allowed to posses and monitor more strictly the people allowed to posses them.

Ben Brandler’s ten questions

Ten questions to ask yourself:

1. What makes a dream?
2. If you are always looking forward to something, why is that?
3. Is there such a thing as a random choice?
4. What is your most important emotion?
5. Does everything have a definite purpose?
6. How do you describe touch if not by comparison?
7. Is it possible to imagine all questions having answers?
8. What makes laughter a natural reaction to something funny?
9. Are opposites defined by absences?
10. How does knowledge originate?

Stories People Tell

In our IPC topic we are learning about stories. Old stories, new stories, stories from around the world, fairytales,true stories, myths, legends…
This week we have been especially interested in the Cinderella story and have read lots of different versions from countries around the world.
Cinderella is a very popular story in our class but maybe you have a different favourite fairytale. Please take a moment to fill in our survey.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Working with our friends from the German school

We share our school building with a German primary school called DST. Each week we work with the children in Klasse 1 on some maths games, puzzles and activities. At the moment we are focusing on shape. These photos show us working.

Bug Club keep on digging!


As fast as we dig up those weeds they grow back! Here we are working hard to find our vegetable plot!

Food Bank donations

This year we collected tins and packets of food at our Harvest Festival service. We do this every year, but this time it was amazing. There were so many donations that we had to make several journeys backwards and forwards to the hall to bring them all outside.

Here we are with just a few of the bags.


Once the boot was full we started to fill the back seat.


We know that all of this food will be used to benefit those families who struggle to afford some of things that we take for granted.

Well done everyone who made the effort to bring donations to our Harvest assembly.



The day the Duchess of Gloucester visited our school.

On the 5th October we had a very special visit.

At Heron we have a new part to our school – it has just been built and we needed it to be officially opened. The Duchess of Gloucester agreed to do this. The photographs will show how excited everyone was. Heron Primary School was a sea of red, white and blue!


Heron FM – we are podcasting!

What will be in the next podcast episode?

If you would like to listen to our podcasts tune in to Heron FM! They are available on itunes to download and , even though we say so ourselves, they are very interesting.


Type ‘Heron Primary School podcasts’ into itunes to find all the episodes.


As you can see, Mr Banks has started the next episode with a group of Year 5 children.





Leaving me was very insane,

I might not see my parents again.

As the train pulls up to the platform,

The heavens open and start to storm.

The A.R.P warden takes me away,

I will probably be there to stay.

As the sky gets dark they put up the blackouts,

In my head I hear screams and shouts.


The Blitz

Sirens echo around the city,

Fear creeps through the streets,

Air rair shelters wrap anxious people in safety,

Search lights crisscross in the moon light like sharp swords clashing,

Luftwaffe soar over the city dropping bombs like confetti-no happiness here,

Worried wardens search the deadly streets for stranded survivors,

Sizzling smoke dances in the twilight hour,

Burning buildings fall like children’s tears,

Roaring fire, like cats tongues, lick through their tortured, tangled skeletons,

Quickly the

The Blitz

My skeleton is the twisted, tangled, tortured timber.

My hair is the smoke, weaving through the air.

My searching eyes are the maps leeding me from place to place.

My heart is completely empty of all the emotion.

My tears are the falling bombs, flattening everything.

Everywhere I look I

Well done!

Sometimes when we want something we have to work hard to get it. Well we would like ipads to use in our school. Our Enterprise Club members are raising money to pay for these. Yesterday they had a cake stall at our Parent Consultation evening. What a good idea that was.

We made