Melody HugenssThe stranger! By T.Y 4JM SHB

A Dark black night.As dark as space.As silent as the planet “Neptune.”But! A shadow was running through my village!”What was that!”I thought staring curiously to the night. AHHWOO!”That’s the sound of a wolf!”I exclaimed.I looked back!Two bloody red ruby eyes I saw!It pounced at me!I rolled down the hill I was on!SPLASH!I fell in water!But!It’s a puddle!How can a puddle be this deep?!”I asked my self.”The shadow!”I shouted.I swam to it.I tried to touch.Then…It…DISAPPEARED!I couldn’t believe my eyes!But still a swam to it!Trying to find it was a very tough challenge!Then suddenly!It was warm!It felt familiar!A green grass field was in front of me.It felt like I was in Tennessee!I smiled!It’s my home!I was born there.Then the shadow came again!~But it wasn’t a shadow this time…It was my daddy!”Why did you make me go to all of this trouble daddy?”I asked him.”Because sweet heart,I want you to come home!”he replied.”But can’t!

The Key – By Yam 4TF Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

This story is called The key

There was once a girl called Lucy, she lived with her mother and father in a small but cosy cottage. She had no brothers or sisters. When she had nothing to do she would take a walk through the meadows nearby. One day, while she was strolling through the meadows humming a tune, something caught her eye. She walked towards it. It was a key! It seemed to sparkle in the sunlight but at the same time it was rusty and didn’t seem new at all. Lucy looked around to see if anybody had dropped it and was still nearby. But there was no one. She decided to leave it where it was but she couldn’t, there seemed to be a force that made her hand reach out and grab the key. She decided that she would find the owner because she could not put the key back where it was. She walked and walked but found not even a single person. She sighed, and thought when would she find the owner? A

Melody Hugenss2!The tree By T.Y 4JM SHB

I was playing a wonderful tune on the piano.But then I stopped.I was bored.I looked out to the window and stared at my beautiful garden.”Trees,”I said.So green and so great,”I claimed.I walked outside and to my garden.”Hey!What’s that,”I asked my self staring into a hollow hole in a tree.Imediately I heard a sound!It was quite faint.It said “Summon great lord Allendia from the dead metry of the Latinian people.”It repeated twice then suddenly it stopped!WHOA!OOOOFF!I fell into the hole!The hole was seemed rather small for me to fall in,it but some how I did!I was sitting on a floor in at yet another hollow thing,but this time it was a room!”HOW!HOW!HOW,”I exclaimed.”How on earth did I fall into a small hole and end up in a room!I asked loudly.This must be a dream!I thought.Yet again I heard a noise coming from a rather large door at the end of the room!”

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Today we celebrated Chinese New Year at school. There was an assembly with Chinese singing, dancing and some Chinese poetry. This was followed by a Chinese Fare in which the children tried Tai Chi, ate Chinese sweets and sampled food, played traditional Chinese games and then we watched a dragon dance. What an exciting day!

Chinese New Year Celebrations on PhotoPeach

All about life in Year 4 by Meme

Last year I was in Ms.Mac in Year 3. I have had a good time with my friends but this year when I am in Year 4 I have more excited time with my new friends and teachers. We made lots of our long team projects. My first project was the Iron Man, Titanic and Rescue helper. I still searching some informations about news around the world about floods. We had a spacial chance to talk to the people who work as a Rescue people. He came to visit us last week and I was interested in this job. He shared us with a video that he safe the people who were stuck in their house and been waiting for help.
Finally I think Thailand is very lucky that we have people who love to volunteer and love to help other people I would like to thank to those who spend some time of their life to do a very hard job. Fantastic!
By: MeMe 4TF

My new pet

Two weeks ago,I went to Jatujak with my dad,looking for new pets. Finally,I got the new lovely pets. They are Sun-Conure parrots. They have colourful with green,yellow,orange,red and blue on their feather.Moreover,I bought home for them, it is the metal cage. Total,I paid for my new pets is 20,500 bath,it included parrots and cage price.