As the teacher, you will have control of this blog for your week. Your permission level will be ‘Editor’. This will means that you will be able to approve posts and comments as well as creating your own posts too. This blog is NOT a competition, there will be a good mix of new and established bloggers and also a full community behind this project too.


* Please ensure you do not approve posts that have text speak in them.
* DO NOT post pictures of your pupils unless you have parental permission.
* Please DO NOT post pictures alongside names.
* Please try to approve posts quickly throughout your week so that your pupils don’t lose interest.
* Try to involve the parents, links with other local schools or even local press.
* If you’re not sure whether you ‘should’ approve a post – Don’t! Seek advice.
* By posting on this site, you are agreeing to content being shared and publicised.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with David Mitchell.

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