Halloween Halloween

Halloween is a day.

Where the ghosts may pay.

We wear masks.

They won’t have time to pay tax.

All we have to do.

Is make a trick or two.

Don’t be throwing eggs.

Or you’ll be hanging up in pegs

You may get scared .

But don’t think you’re dead.

Make the ghosts pay.

By shooting a ghostbusteray!


One silent night

When the moon was bright

I was in my bed

Looking at the shed

The door flung open

Then someone said

October 31 has come

Ive  come back from the dead.

A man stepped out

But  he was no ordinary man

For his face was as  pale as the moon

I saw a man  come out of the shed that night

But where did he come from

I guess we’ll never find out.

By J.C

Halloween fright night

Halloween Halloween

People dressed in green

Frankinstien withes devil oh differnt things to be

Loads of creepy crawlys all around you

Every year Halloween goes higher and higher

We love to lit bomfires

We knock on your door we say trick or teat

You better give us something to eat

The dogs hidding in the house

They know what is coming hidding in their oweners blouse

Halloween is yet to come.