Leading Jump Jam

Today we led jump jam because the year 7’s and 8’s were at technology. We danced to Mambo #5, Hey baby, and the new song Keep on moving. These are some of our feelings about Leading Jump Jam

I was excited and pumped up. I learnt a lot. And I had a great time and a great experience. I can’t wait for my next turn. – Zara

I was really excited.  It was really fun. I liked being the leader.  I can’t wait to my next time.-Georgia

Doing Jump Jam was really fun and I had a lot of energy going in to it. I was excited. I hope I have another opportunity to lead again and I am so relieved that I got it right.-Ciara

Our whole school gets together every day for fitness.  In term one we do skipping, in term two we do running, term three we do jump jam and in term four we play co-operative games.  We are in our whanau groups which means we are grouped from age 5-13 in one whanau.  We get to know and work with children right across the school.  Every second Friday afternoon we get together in our whanau class for a learning session together…  These are our whanau groups!  They are all New Zealand birds, Kotuku, Kereru, Tui, Piwaiwaka, Hoiho, Kakariki and Pukeko.  We stay in the same whanau group for the whole time we are at school.