Life long learners…

Today we helped our teacher Mrs K! She is presenting her first ever IGNITE talk! This is a talk to ‘ignite’ an audience.  Mrs K was really nervous.  She presented her talk to us and we were able to give her so much feedback and feed forward.  She was very grateful for our help.  She was able to take our suggestions and present to her e-teach friends.  She was much more confident!

Last term we all prepared speeches for our annual speech competition.  It was a lot of fun.  We have now decided we will have a go at mini ignite talks.  We will all present something from our space learning…

What a wonderful learning journey we are on together.



Olympic Games Opening

What an amazing celebration – the opening of the Olympic Games.  We all learnt so much about Britain.  We loved the journey through time.  The music was really cool.  Some of our very favourite parts were Mr Bean playing and the “Queen” parachuting in.  We have been watching the Olympics a lot this weekend.

Mason has started a wonderful record of Olympic results on a page in our wiki!  Well done Mason.

New Zealand has made a fantastic start.  Glen Snyders set a New Zealand record in the swimming – 100 metre breaststroke.

Hamish Bond and Eric Murray set a world record time in the heats of rowing.

Kiwi athletes get a surprise visit from the Queen.

We need to really think about the messages in the Olympic Games… everyone is gathered in peace to compete. It was very exciting to see all the teams parade in. How exciting to see this is the first Olympics with a female competitor from every country.

It was so special to see the lighting of the Olympic flame. It is so symbolic to see a copper petal from each country all burning together.

There were so many wonderful moments in the opening ceremony. What was your favourite?



Counting down to London Olympics 2012

Today was an amazing day in class.  For Funky Friday time we prepared for the start of the London Olympics 2012.

Today room six made a wall which was to do with the Olympic Games. First it was a plane old wall but soon it wasn’t, because room six decided to decorate it with pictures of either people who are starring in the Olympic Games or words that describe it. This afternoon I bet it would be all filled up with more facts and pictures.     By Lorie

It was great to see the wall grow…

We are excited to follow the results!  Mason has started a page in the wiki to record results as they happen.  We have also downloaded the London Olympic Result apps onto our devices.

10 Aside Rugby Tournament

Today we had our second gathering with full primary school’s around the Taieri, Green Island area.  We went there expecting to play rippa, but were very surprised to find it was a tackle rugby competition.  We could not play tackle because we did not have mouth guards or head gear.

We had two great games of rippa on a very sunny afternoon.

On the Marae…

We have been learning with the Maori NIE for Maori language week. (NIE stands for Newspapers in Education.) We acted out visiting a Marae. It was lots of fun. First of all Sam did a haka. We walked forwards and Sam put down the koha.  The tangata whenua picked up the koha.  We sat down and we were greeted.  We sang.  We spoke.  We greeted each other.  It was interesting because we have only been on a Marae once.  We would like to visit one again.


Leading Jump Jam

Today we led jump jam because the year 7’s and 8’s were at technology. We danced to Mambo #5, Hey baby, and the new song Keep on moving. These are some of our feelings about Leading Jump Jam

I was excited and pumped up. I learnt a lot. And I had a great time and a great experience. I can’t wait for my next turn. – Zara

I was really excited.  It was really fun. I liked being the leader.  I can’t wait to my next time.-Georgia

Doing Jump Jam was really fun and I had a lot of energy going in to it. I was excited. I hope I have another opportunity to lead again and I am so relieved that I got it right.-Ciara

Our whole school gets together every day for fitness.  In term one we do skipping, in term two we do running, term three we do jump jam and in term four we play co-operative games.  We are in our whanau groups which means we are grouped from age 5-13 in one whanau.  We get to know and work with children right across the school.  Every second Friday afternoon we get together in our whanau class for a learning session together…  These are our whanau groups!  They are all New Zealand birds, Kotuku, Kereru, Tui, Piwaiwaka, Hoiho, Kakariki and Pukeko.  We stay in the same whanau group for the whole time we are at school.


Paired writing…

In class we have been learning how to tutor someone with Jill. When we have a tutoring session  Mrs K  and Jill demonstrate for us and then we go off with our tutoring partners. Brya and I are together and so far we have written about a day in the life of an elephant, what we have done in the holidays and heaps more. We love it because it is a new way of learning.

By Mia

We are learning soooo much about the role of the tutor and the role of the tutee!  Can you see how focused we are on our writing?  What comments can you make about what is going on in these photos?

Our wonderings…

This term we are moving off planet earth.  We are taking what we know already about Space and wondering!  Wonderings are our curiosity, things we are eager to investigate and learn more about!  We are using a Google Doc to share our wonderings.  As we develop a wondering wall, we will work as a class to investigate and take our learning further.  During this early start of our learning we continue to wonder and develop our curiosity.  Can you please have a look at our wonderings and let us know what you think?

Click on the question mark to watch our wonderings develop!

Bottle Bivy Build

We have been working with a group of teachers around New Zealand to build a bottle bivy. You can check it out on the Bottle Bivy Build Blog or our class blog.
When we got to school on Monday the bivy had collapsed again. We do not know why? Maybe we didn’t have it balanced correctly, maybe the glue gets brittle in the cold over the weekend?
Today Zack’s dad came for a visit. He works for Ullrich Aluminium and he is very clever. He is going to help us with a framework to start all over again. We think it will be even better this time. What do you think?

Winter in New Zealand…

Walking on the ice.

On Tuesday Georgia and Ciara walked on the ice. It was really cold and our ears were nearly blue. The puddles that were there that night were frozen. All of the ground was white with frost. Our legs were nearly stuck together and our fingers were numb. When we got to school the sun was shining it was nearly warm.  We wish it would be like that when we walked.

By Georgia and Ciara.

What is the weather like in your part of the world?

New Zealand loses a treasure – taonga

Margaret Mahy

Yesterday on the 23rd of July Margaret Mahy sadly passed away. She died in Christchurch. She has written more then 100 books. They are all very great to read. They suit all ages. You can read them whenever you like. Today in Room6 they read The Moon and Famer McPhee. It was a finalist in the children book awards. It was a really good book because of the describing words used and the awesome pictures of animals on the pages. Brya and Chelsea like all of the books but mostly The Witch in the Cherry Tree and Adventures of the Robber pig. Laura likes The Lion in the Meadow but she mostly likes the three legged Cat and The witch in the Cherry tree. Everyone around the world will miss Margaret Mahys new books but they will have her old books. Margaret Mahy was famous for her writing and the pictures that go with the stories. In St Mary’s School library they have lots of Margaret Mahy stories. There is a great range of chapter books for the older kids and picture books for the younger kids.
You will be sadly missed Margaret Mahy.

By Chelsea, Brya and Laura

Today our whole school gathered in the foyer and we remembered our wonderful author.  We talked about her books and shared her most recent award winning book, The Moon and Farmer McPhee.

Check out this wonderful site to find out all about our fabulous author!

What is your favourite Margaret Mahy book?

We were really interested to look at the two copies our school has of her first book, A lion in the meadow! The hardback copy was published in 1969 and the paperback was published in 1996.  One book our parents grew up with, the other we grew up with.  The story is the same but soooo much has changed.  The book, the print, the illustrations have all changed over the years but the story has always been a favourite.


Watching Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka was in the hall on Monday showing us what they learn and some of the songs they sing. Also earlier that day they went to the library. They showed us lots of different Maori songs. They sang clearly and you could see all of their mouths open. Their actions were very strong. I can’t wait until I can see their costumes.

By Ciara and Georgia


Skyping with Melville Intermediate

Today we had a Skype session with Melville intermediate school.  We talked to two girls from the te ao upurangi class.  We showed them our mihis. At first we had a chat with them and asked some questions about Maori language. We had a talk for about their Maori language, their waiata and their karakia.  At the end Bridget shared her mihi. We had alot of fun.

We told the girls they are amazing ambassadors for their school.  They are fluent Maori speakers and they helped us with our pronunciation.  Mr Webb and his amazing class help us with our pronunciation and our mihi.  They have been recognised nationally for the wonderful work they do supporting Maori language learners across New Zealand.  You should check out their amazing blog!

Winter sport – 10 aside tournament

Today the year 6, 7 and 8’s played a soccer game in Sunnyvale against Green Island. The game was twelve minutes each way. We didn’t start very well because Green Island got a goal in the first few minutes. But we made a comeback scoring two goals in as many minutes. We got another goal just before half time. It was a little bit tiring because we had to go up the field and then back down the field.  We scored four more goals in the second half. We won seven to two. It was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again.
Today the yr 6 ,7 and 8’s had a soccer game in Sunnyvale. When we got to Sunnyvale we had some kicks at the goal. When the game started I was midfield. The whistle blew at the ball went straight to the opposition teams goal. We had so many attempts at the goal but we didn’t seem to get it in the goal. Finally it got close to the goal but the opposition stole it off us and they got it down to our goalkeeper Alex. Suddenly they kicked it and they scored. We knew we had to make a come back and we did. They score was one all.
We were playing so well. It was halftime and we were ahead. After half time I was off for a few minutes. When I got back on the field I was not tired so I sprinted to get the ball and I got it. I was really close to the goal but I missed. The final score was 7-2 and we won. We all played a great and we were proud of our effort.

Kapa haka

Today the St Mary’s Kapa Haka group walked down to the library. We sung Ka Waiati, Haere mai, Te Waka and many more. Singing was really fun! I felt very nervous when we first got up but when we started the butterflies in my stomach flew away.

Later on we performed in front of the school. It was very scary when we all went on stage but then when we started to sing I wasn’t any more. After we had sung all of the songs we got some feed back from the audience. They said that we were very loud and clear.

Our costumes will be coming in three weeks. The boys are wearing a piupiu and a green stone necklace and the girls are wearing a blue dress with korus on it and a green stone necklace as well. We enjoyed performing on stage and at the library in front of an audience.

By Anahera and Michaela.  

Mosgiel, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand welcomes you!

Kia ora from New Zealand.  We feel very privileged to be hosting this blog this week.  This week is Maori Language week where New Zealand really celebrates te reo Maori (the Maori language).  The theme this year is Arohatia te Reo – cherish the language.  

We are excited to share a little of our country, our culture, and our language.  Each day we will try to share a new phrase with you.  Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

Kia ora