“The one wish” Lena 4TF Shrewsbury International school

My mum told me a story so I have written it in my own words it is called “The one wish”

Once there was a man called Tony who had a wife, two daughters and a son and they had a very happy life because Tony’s son and daughter’s are the best in their class. The one fortunate day when Tony was relaxing on the comfortable sofa, he saw a light like god flying down towards him and said to Tony “You have been good through your whole life, I would like to grant you a wish” Then Tony replied ” I would like to be an Immortal” Then the light asked “Are you sure?”So Tony replied “Yes!?”Then he spoke out some kind off words that will make the wish come true.  Then sixty years later his wife then died but Tony was still young and handsome, at the same time his kids were already married so Tony had to find a new wife but then his SECOND wife died leaving her child with Tony. Then not many years after that his beloved kids died when  they were 85, then after that day he had no one with him because his loved one is gone to happiness. Then he lied on the sofa the exact same action as he did when he had the wish granted then his tears started to fill his eyes and then he sobbed ” I was sorry, I wanted live forever and … and I thought happiness was to never die and to keep my eyes open and see the world forever … I AM SORRY. Please give me a chance to return the wish to you” Then a light flew down from the chandelier brighter than the sun but the man didn’t try to block the light away he felt delighted and smiled like he never did then the light came flying down in front of Tony and asked “Have you learned your mistake Tony” ” Yes … I … Uh I ..I was greedy” He replied happily. Then he said “I want you to take my wish back, the wish that I said without thinking” “That would be pleasure to take the wish back” Then the light of god made a low mumbling song like some kind of praying script to turn away the wish. Then after that day the man still have to live until he die but after what happen Tony never be greedy again.

This story teaches you not to be greedy (You cannot change what you have done if you already do it if it is a big happening)

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My 100wc …out of the blue…-Pam 4TF

One night there was a boy called Jack. He was a boy who had 3 eyes was sleeping with his . Out of the blue a yellow shiny sun came out from the light blue sky. Every one was scared because they think there is some thing went wrong, but Jack was very brave to go closer and closer and closer. Until the sun burst out. Jack was now very scared he came to his home and he called his Mum to come with him. But at last he went home and eat his delicious dinner, but it was Jacks scary dreams!!!


Pam 4TF


My 100wc

4TF Sumit All About Me!



My Name is Sumit and I’m 9 years old. I’m in Year 4 (Grade 3) and I am in Mr Foster’s Class! We call ourselves 4TF! My favourite colour is blue. I love Football and my favourite subject is ICT (Computer.) I am very good at computers and I am also good in Science! My Birthday is on the 4th December 2003. I am from Bangkok, Thailand and it is very hot here.

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From Sumit

All about Natural Disaters by Choo Choo 4TF

Hello, my name is choochoo.

An natural diaster is an natural things like the forest is going bad because of the earth. A Volcano erupted because under the earth have a magma which is a very hot things fills up the volcano and finally erupted. For the tsunami it is the big wave happen in sudden at the sea in a height. It is caused because we have an earthquake under the sea or and hurricane or an volcano erupted at the ring of fire or at the middle of the sea. It causes an tsunami. How earthquakes happened? Earthquakes happened because under the earth it is moving hardly together. If we do not feel it there could be happen in sudden or you don’t feel it for the whole time. A hurricane caused First they start very small at the middle of the ocean. They travel 130 miles per hour. There could be three way happened the hurricane.First the warm water rise up from the sea forming an small cloud. It get rain and more heats goes up to the air formed thunder cloud. This pulls windup to the thunderstorm an more thunder storm. It becomes giant and they spins clockwise way. They starts to spins up quickly and they move around near the the country and they pushes winds causes an hurricane.


Lena 4TF shrewsbury International school “The sapphire sea”

I made this story it is called the sapphire sea

There is a land that no human has discovered, this secretive land is underneath the sapphire blue sea it is called Atlantis.  First it was above the sapphire blue sea but then a devastating tsunami covered it and then 3 months later one person opened his eye and realized he can breath underwater and he had a tail, they called themselves merpeople. Then everyone started opening their eyes slowly and honored the first man as the king, he was called  Poseidon. Then Poseidon started to build schools for the merchildren,  four office for workers, one for cameras, one for furnitures, another for convenience store, and the last one for stationary and books.  There also toy shops and fanfare for merchildren to entertain themselves.  The city off Atlantis was very busy because the road was filled with mermaid, mermen, mercat, merdog and other merpets. The city was marvellous not because of the kind people or the building but because it was under ‘The sapphire sea’


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Melody HugenssThe stranger! By T.Y 4JM SHB

A Dark black night.As dark as space.As silent as the planet “Neptune.”But! A shadow was running through my village!”What was that!”I thought staring curiously to the night. AHHWOO!”That’s the sound of a wolf!”I exclaimed.I looked back!Two bloody red ruby eyes I saw!It pounced at me!I rolled down the hill I was on!SPLASH!I fell in water!But!It’s a puddle!How can a puddle be this deep?!”I asked my self.”The shadow!”I shouted.I swam to it.I tried to touch.Then…It…DISAPPEARED!I couldn’t believe my eyes!But still a swam to it!Trying to find it was a very tough challenge!Then suddenly!It was warm!It felt familiar!A green grass field was in front of me.It felt like I was in Tennessee!I smiled!It’s my home!I was born there.Then the shadow came again!~But it wasn’t a shadow this time…It was my daddy!”Why did you make me go to all of this trouble daddy?”I asked him.”Because sweet heart,I want you to come home!”he replied.”But can’t!Ï claimed.”But i will visit you,”I assured him.”That’s fair enough,”he announced.”Bye honey,”he shouted.”Bye daddy,”I shouted back.


Football question Dprom SHB

Dear world

Try to answer these football questions.

  • Do you play football?
  • What is your favourite football team?
  • Who is your favourite football player?
  • What is your favourite football coach?
  • What is your favourite league?
  • Where is your favourite stadium?
  • Which is your favourite question?

Dprom 4JM



My School

Hello my name is Milan and I am from Shrewsbury international School,it is near the river in Thailand called Chao Phraya river. There are four buildings ; pre prep,prep,PE department and senior school. I like my school very much because it has a very big library with lots of books to read.

The Magical potion By: Remie 4JM

Once upon a time in a far away land live a young girl and her Dad. Her name was Lucy her mom died after she was born, so she now lives with her Dad. Her dad was a farmer and  Lucy didn’t go to school because they didn’t have enough money to pay for the  school. She didnt know how to do anything. One day she was walking into the kitchen and then she saw a beautiful bottle so she ate  it. But what happened  to her? Where did she go? Do you know?

The Key – By Yam 4TF Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

This story is called The key

There was once a girl called Lucy, she lived with her mother and father in a small but cosy cottage. She had no brothers or sisters. When she had nothing to do she would take a walk through the meadows nearby. One day, while she was strolling through the meadows humming a tune, something caught her eye. She walked towards it. It was a key! It seemed to sparkle in the sunlight but at the same time it was rusty and didn’t seem new at all. Lucy looked around to see if anybody had dropped it and was still nearby. But there was no one. She decided to leave it where it was but she couldn’t, there seemed to be a force that made her hand reach out and grab the key. She decided that she would find the owner because she could not put the key back where it was. She walked and walked but found not even a single person. She sighed, and thought when would she find the owner? A  castle approached, it seemed to shine but it did not sparkle. Lucy decided to go inside and see if there was anyone who could help her find the owner of the key. When she was inside the castle, she found out that the castle had only one floor even though it looked like it had many floors. It was deserted but there was a key in the middle of the room, it looked exactly like the one she was holding. She touched it cautiously but nothing happened so she put the key she had found in the meadow next to it. At once she disappeared. Her mother and father wept again and again but, Lucy never came back.

The end

By: Yam

All about me Pam 4TF SHB

My name is Pam. I am nine years old. Last year I was in Ms Mac class. Now I am in year four Mr Foster class. When I start year four I was very excited. I meet new friends too! My hobbies are Swimming Piano and Art. Last term we have made a long term project is Iron Man. This term long term project is Natural disasters. We have to make a book about natural disasters.


Last few weeks we made a comic. Here are some pictures.

We also make a 100wc. Here is some writings.

Once their live a girl called Alice, she found a special key on the green grass.The key did not lock anything, but when we close Alice eyes it will turn into a wonderful land.One day Alice was in the park she tried to close her eyes and it work she was in the wonderland. At wonderland she saw a pretty bird it was the most pretty bird she loved the bird so she take it to her home but she could not find her home because she is in wonderland. At last she found the key and went back home.

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The Park [By Narissa 4JM]

One day I was reading a book and I got bored so I went and asked my dad if we could go to the park. At first he said no but after I begged him he finally said yes!  After I got in the car the my dad brought our bikes and we hurried and drove to the park together. When we got there we got our bikes out and drove to the front of the park. At the front it was cool. It was all decorated for Chinese new year even though there were still two weeks to come. As we drove around the park I saw a butterfly room. I asked my dad if we could go inside and he said yes so we went inside. As soon as we got in  there were at least 100 butterflies! They were all different colors and sizes. I finally left and started riding bikes with my dad again. Next I saw a bunny hopping in front of me I stopped my bike but the bunny ran away. Then I saw a grasshopper on a leaf. My dad picked it up and let me see it. I touched it but then it ran away again. Another animal ran away from me. When we went home I told my mom all about the trip and then we had dinner.

:)Smile school

Hi my name is Gird from 4JM. I am in  Shrewsbury International School Bangkok .

Do you like fun stuff?                                                                                                                                      There are celebrations and fun stuff; school trips and fun activities at our school.

I really enjoy being in this school. 🙂

:)Shrewsbury International School(:

My school

Hello my name is Sarah I am from Shrewsbury International school and it’s near the Chao Phraya river in Thailand. The school has one  big library but 2 floors because it is so big. At Shrewsbury school we three swimming pools the swimming pools are for swimming , practising saving peoples lives and racing.







My school {Shrewsbury} By Francesca 4JM

My school is called Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok  and our school is near the river. We have like a million rooms and on 5th of February  we have Chinese new year. It is a fun day everyday.  And in year 4 we are learning about Natural disasters       and we have  swimming lessons and PE lessons too. Also we have a hotel called Chatrium. We have a library and we have fully booked week and  sports day too.

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