My story

At the moment I (Eleanor) have been writing a story at home, about mine and Isabella’s cloud houses’. It isn’t finished yet but as we only have pass the blog for one week I have decided to post what I have so far. I hope you enjoy it!

One time, at a small frail school, there were some year 6s’ in the library. Now, in this decayed library, it seemed to be dreaded reading time. But there were two girls who hated it the most. They thought it was too boring! Their names were Isabella and Eleanor.

Isabella had long wisps of fair hair, was average hight, had deep maroon eyes and was always giggling. Eleanor had thin, brown hair that was a few inches from her shoulders, was very tall- taller than isabella-, had crystle blue eyes and a big smile.

On this particular day, Mrs. Bright (the strictest teacher in the school) had decided to let the year 6s’ choose a book of their choice- which was not often!
‘ Yawn!’ Eleanor muttered. Isabella lightly giggled.
‘ Have YOU TWO got some thing to tell me?’ Mrs Bright bellowed with her big, bloodshot eyes glaring at the two girls.
‘Sorry.’ they both quickly blurted.
‘ Now go find yourselves a book children!’ chanted Mrs. Bright

Eleanor and Isabella did not move a muscle. They stayed where they were in pure PROTEST!
‘ And what do you two think you’re doing AGAIN??!! I know reading is not your favourite subject but does NOT exclude you two! NOW SHOO!!!’ She screeched explodingly spraying spit on the two girls on every ‘b’ ‘s’ or ‘t’! The two girls were taken aback. They knew this time that she meant buisness. They quickly scuttled to the nearest bookshelf and Eleanor grabbed the first book that slid into her hand.

The beautiful picture-book had big, bold letters on the front saying ‘Choices!’
‘ Choices?’ Eleanor muttered slowly.
They slowly turned the old decayed page. There was a beautiful scene of tropical forests, dangerous mountains, busy cities and beach huts all from birds eye view. The text said:

‘Where would YOU live?
Whatever YOUR choices I will give.

Once for