Optimist Yachting Experience By Parris

On the 10th of September to the 14th of September The Seniors from Parkvale School, Hawkes Bay went to Pandora Pond for Optimist Yachting and kakaying.

I decided to make a movie from the photos Mr.M  took. I wanted to share this movie because it was a fun experience.

Why We Liked Optimist Yachting from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

This is a link to my blog, make sure you check it out.

By Parris

New Zealand


This is my video about New Zealand. I made this video because I think the  world should know about New Zealand. New Zealand is in the South Pacific. New Zealand has two big Islands and one small Island. The North Island is where I live. The South Island is a big one. Below the South Island is Stewart Island.


By Amy

Amy, NZ from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

The Wall

The wall from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

We made this trailer to represent our Wall Of PRIDE. Our Wall Of PRIDE is where we nominate someone’s fantastic work, print out a picture and a sentence about it and stick it on the wall. It is to show our Parkvale PRIDE.


Personal Best

Respect and Responsibilty




By Jacob, Teva and Tyler.

Room 20 Avatars Speak!

Kia ora!

Soon, there will be an explosion of posts from the Tree Of PRIDE students on this blog! Sorry for the delay. Here is a video about our avatars. Create your own avatar by using the links on this post. The music was remixed (with my added “vocals”) from the free and legal music site UJAM. Have a go yourself!

Mr M 🙂


Tree of PRIDE Avatars Speak! from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Team 5 Production Video by Felicity

Production Team 5 from Johnstones on Vimeo.

Night Number One

The excitement is running through the air, I can feel it running up my spine. It is going around everyone.
Well tonight is our first performance in front of a live audience. I am so excited, I have all of my costumes here in room 3. All of the Kapa Haka group are playing hand games, getting their makeup done. Then Mali our instructor and Teeps the guitar player walk in and say that they could hear us from the hall, which is bad because our audience were entering the hall. I was so eager to start.

Then it was time. Time to line up outside in the cold, with wet puddles and the slight sign of grey rain clouds in the night sky. My feet were frozen, my toes were like icicles. As for the rest of the group, I think they were cold too. Then the door opened all I could think of was. “ Time to go on stage. “ But sadly no we were getting told off for being so loud. Then at long last the door swung open and nearly hit me in the face. It was time. Our time to shine in front of everyone. Once we had gone through our three songs and one Haka, we left the stage to get into our next costumes. I had to get into my white top and black shorts, with makeup all ready for my Locomotion dance and Wearable Arts.

So there I was waiting behind the curtain. Then it was the Green Is Gold play. They finished with a rap/song. That was when all of the wearable arts people went to go and get changed into our costumes. Then after waiting for the third dance group, we all entered the back of the hall ready to ‘ strut our style ‘ down the aisle and around the stage. It was so much fun showing off my costume to the audience. Next I had to take my wearable arts costume off. Then Erin and Thea come rushing in to make sure that Thea can get dressed and get all of her makeup on ready for our Locomotion dance. Once Thea was dressed and had all of her makeup on we were out the door rushing over to the door that is behind the curtain. Just as we arrive we had about 3 minutes until we were on. Doing Locomotion was awesome, the group had so much fun. Then Erin, Thea and I all run off and get our leggings and Rock ‘n’ Roll skirts on all ready for our time to boogie on stage.

Wow, I was getting tired by the time we were arriving at the door ‘AGAIN. ‘ Now that we are doing our Rock ‘n’ Roll in front of everyone with the choir singing all over the place, I think that I am almost ready to call it a night. But sadly no I still have Choir Number Two that I have to perform in and I also have another three nights. Along with the rest of team 5 students I have a feeling that we are very excited to finally have this show up and running, but by the end of the week I am sure that we are going to be very, very, VERY tired!

Here is a link to my production label on my blog!


Here is a video that I made for Pass the Blog!

It is based on Parkvale School’s senior production,’ Parkvale Live’  

It has videos from different parts of the production. I made it on Movie Maker.

The videos were filmed by The Techie Team and Mr.M!

The diary above is from night number one of Parkvale School’s team 5 production!

Here is the link to where I made my music from:) 

Pass the blog is a blog that classes from all around the world can post something about what their class has done through out the week!

From Monday the 24th – Friday the 28th Room 20 have had the chance to put some of their work up!

Above is a video that I chose to do, with a diary from night number one for our senior school production!

Room 20, Parkvale School, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Kia ora!

We are Room 20 and we feel pretty lucky to have a go on Pass The Blog. Natasha and friends created a quick trailer to show you all something about our class. We’re not too geeky! Really!

Our class blog is the Tree Of PRIDE and we all have our own individual blogs linked from there.  Now we get to be superhero bloggers to a new audience for one week on Pass The Blog. It is our last week of term and it is filled with assessment but  stay tuned, there won’t be any scanned test sheets.

Anyway, here is the trailer. Enjoy.

The 30 Techie Geeks from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Mr M 🙂

Because your beautiful

We used Serif MoviePlus to create the video about peer pressure. We picked the subject because people feel it everyday. We planned the video together and the 3 of us collected the pictures and downloaded the music track. After we made the video we recording the voice over using the little mini MP3 microphones and edited. Please let us know what you think of the video
The “Because your beautiful” team 😉

Animal Cruelty

We decided to choose animal cruelty as our subject because we both love animals and as a joint decision we decided it was a big issue today that we we feel needed highlighting. We planned our video to help us along the way by finding facts and images that we felt were suitable and appropriate for our video.

We put our video together on Serif Movie Plus after using several other programs as we felt is was very easy to use.

We really enjoyed making our video and hope it could raise awareness

Maddison and Megan