The Unknown Cylinder



This was based on Back to the Future. It has got time travel, adventure and bad guys. Just how far will your curiosity take you. By Lachlan

One day while I was watching Sponge Bob when the ads come on “do you want fame and fortune well be the first back from the unknown cylinder to win $1,000,000?” said the TV.

“$ 1,000,000” I yelled. “Yes $1,000,000 be quick.” I ran to my friend the doc. “Doc, Doc I need to the first back the unknown cylinder!!!” I said “The unknown cylinder, are you crazy?” said Doc.  “No, but the prize is $1,000,000” I  replied.

“Well lets go!” exclaimed Doc. So we went down to the mountain. There were lots of other climbers. “I’m glad I took those hiking class in high school,”  I said. I was about to climb Mt Cook but first I said goodbye to my good friend ELB (Doc) the scientist. Then I start climbing up and up until I see the unknown cylinder and legend is that no one has come out ever before. I walk inside a giant cylinder. It’s dark, cold and smells of diesel. The floor is soft and wet, it’s dark and I can’t see so I press against the walls to find the light switch. Then I feel something soft and gooey but I keep on trying to find the light switch. Next I find something hard and solid. “The light switch!” I scream. Flick went the switch. The lights turn on but I also hear a sound, like something’s charging up. Then in the blink of an eye ZAP.

When I wake up I’m still in the unknown cylinder I stand up and leave. I climb back down the mountain but when got back to the city everything had changed like the cars, clothes, movie and building. I look around to find a newspaper. Then in the rubbish bin “a newspaper.” I yell and rushing over to the bin and grabbed the paper and it said “May 23 1982”! “1982 I’ve gone back 30 years I need to find telephone.” I see a sign on a cafe telephone. I walk in and someone asks “what’s with the strange clothes?”

“I just want to use the telephone.”

“It’s in the back,” he said.

“Thanks,” I say. I scroll down until I found ELB scientist 209 victory road phone number 8786374. I dial the number but he’s not home so I ripped out the page.

“Do you know where 20…”

“Are you going to order something kid?” he badly interrupted. “Yeah, I’ll have a soda,” I reply.

“Soda, what’s a soda?” he said like I was from another planet.

“Just give me something without any sugar in it,” I say.

“Okay,” he replied and put steaming hot coffee in front of me then a boy about as old as me comes in and sits next to me. Then a few other guys walk in they look like they’re in their 20’s come in. “Scott!” they yelled. Both me and the other guy sitting next turn around but he was meaning the guy next to me and said…

To Be continued

Metal tubes Season 1, chapter 1 Stone age

This is my writing that I made with inspiration from the Hunger Games. Metal Tubes has: Adventure, Murder and Hide-and-go seek (portals). Enjoy!

The Metal Tubes, Season 1, Chapter 1

Three days ago I had started a time race, when you go through the the turning portal with nine other people. There are two people chosen from each continent. The time race is like a reality tv show that no one wants to win. When you go through the portal you go back in time to the dinosaur age. There you must search for the next time portal. The next time portal in the dinosaur age only allows nine people to enter so 1 person will be left behind in time. You must find the next portal but at the same time you must fight against the locals. You are allowed to be helped by the locals. You can use any type of transportation from riding on a Stegosaurus to a big heavy tank. There are ten time portals (Including the starting portal) so that means only one person shall win the time race. These are the nine ages that the winner would have had to go through. Dinosaur age, Stone age, Ice age, Dark age, Medieval age, Industrial era, Modern era, Space age and the Robot era before returning back home.

So now to me. I’m in the stone age. All around me are cavemen and cavekids playing. I can hear the cave kids screaming and running around. I’ve got a gash across my leg. I got the gash from a clash with an aleptiosaur back in the dinosaur age. I can smell a rotting bull around 10 meters away from me. I see a mango on a palm tree, I haven’t eaten anything besides a plesiosaur which tasted like cocoa beans in red pepper inside some steak. I stand up and limp over to the palm tree. I hit the tree with a stone (something not hard to find) and the mango falls down. I pick up the juicy orangy yellow fruit and stuff it in my mouth.

A palm leaf came down with the mango which gives me an idea. I scrape some bark off a pine tree mush it up with two rocks and gently pat down my wound with the mushy bark. Then I pick off some sticky resin on the palm tree and pat it around the edge of the palm leaf then I stick the palm leaf to my leg to stop any bugs from reaching my wound. the palm leaf feels gentle on my leg it is as soft as silk. The palm leaf reminds me of back home, when mother would always let the cat into my bed and the cat would always crawl around at night. My daydream was interrupted with a loud grunt from a barbarian looking person. “yabadabadoo!” and the barbarian thing laughs and runs away.

I look around, it looks like it will be dark out in no time so I find the cave that I came through from the dinosaur age. I see that the portal had disappeared while I was out exploring. Then a big picture forms in the sky showing a picture of the time trap mug shot. It shows a picture of the person stuck in the previous age and their name and continent. This guy was from Asia and his name is Jwut Geehern.

That night while I was lying sleeplessly on the ground of the cave and I recognised a slight light coming from the mountain at the horizon then I see it flicker… It must be the next time portal!
So that night instead of sleeping I was looking for food and resources for my trip. It would be a long way probably 100 km away. I needed lots of water and food. I started to get slow with my produce because of my leg. I sat down and leaned against the tree where I got the palm leaf from. I peeled off the palm leaf which caused a bit of pain. Like when you peel off a bandage that you’ve had on for a few days. I saw that the mushed bark didn’t heal the wound that much. I wiped off the sticky resin and the overflowing mushy bark. I saw that the gash had swollen a bit. I lean back on the tree and look up to the stars.

I think I might be crazy but the stars seem to form an arrow I look at the place where the arrow was pointing and I see a little tube poking out of the bushes I crawl over to the bush being weary of my wound. When I reach the bush I see that the tube was bigger than I thought it was. I look at this case I read what it says press to open. I press the case and it opens there is a button under the sealed case I press the button and the front of the tube opens. I peep in and I see a medicine pack. I rapidly open the lid and pad down my wound and it heals instantly! I look at the back of the metal tube I crawl in and find a teleportation device I press the teleport button and I teleport to the next time portal. I take a deep breath and step into the time portal…



By Stefan

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Brody’s Plane Wreck Story

The plane wreck part 1!!!!!

One thing you need to know about me is I am really fit. I take hikes up the mountains all the time. So anyway lets get on with the story I am about to tell you. One day I was taking my usual hike when I saw well what looks to me like a plane wreck. It had windows and a door so that’s how I had predicted what it was. Meanwhile I was thinking about going in or not. So I took my chances and went in no matter what was in there. I may regret I may not I think to myself. So I am in now no matter what. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I need to get out of here quick but the aliens have locked the door and swallowed the key. I need to think fast.

I could smash a window jump out and run. But I need a distraction, maybe I could quickly jump up to the roof of the plane without being seen. Then I could climb over to the window, punch through it and then Wooolaaa!!! But then I don’t have a distraction to do that.   Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I scream at the top of my voice. And anyway I have seen that the windows have been blocked with metal. I notice something on the ground. It looks like matches, I go to pick them up but then the alien sees me. Dammit I am thinking inside my head. The alien slithers closer and closer when I snatch the matches from the ground. Now I have no choice but to set a fire between us…

To Be Continued!!!

My name is Brody and this is my story. Here is a link to my blog … Click here

This was a story that I created off a picture of what it could be. There are more of these stories. You will have to search my blog!

Here is Part 2 and Part 3.


Team 5 Production Video by Felicity

Production Team 5 from Johnstones on Vimeo.

Night Number One

The excitement is running through the air, I can feel it running up my spine. It is going around everyone.
Well tonight is our first performance in front of a live audience. I am so excited, I have all of my costumes here in room 3. All of the Kapa Haka group are playing hand games, getting their makeup done. Then Mali our instructor and Teeps the guitar player walk in and say that they could hear us from the hall, which is bad because our audience were entering the hall. I was so eager to start.

Then it was time. Time to line up outside in the cold, with wet puddles and the slight sign of grey rain clouds in the night sky. My feet were frozen, my toes were like icicles. As for the rest of the group, I think they were cold too. Then the door opened all I could think of was. “ Time to go on stage. “ But sadly no we were getting told off for being so loud. Then at long last the door swung open and nearly hit me in the face. It was time. Our time to shine in front of everyone. Once we had gone through our three songs and one Haka, we left the stage to get into our next costumes. I had to get into my white top and black shorts, with makeup all ready for my Locomotion dance and Wearable Arts.

So there I was waiting behind the curtain. Then it was the Green Is Gold play. They finished with a rap/song. That was when all of the wearable arts people went to go and get changed into our costumes. Then after waiting for the third dance group, we all entered the back of the hall ready to ‘ strut our style ‘ down the aisle and around the stage. It was so much fun showing off my costume to the audience. Next I had to take my wearable arts costume off. Then Erin and Thea come rushing in to make sure that Thea can get dressed and get all of her makeup on ready for our Locomotion dance. Once Thea was dressed and had all of her makeup on we were out the door rushing over to the door that is behind the curtain. Just as we arrive we had about 3 minutes until we were on. Doing Locomotion was awesome, the group had so much fun. Then Erin, Thea and I all run off and get our leggings and Rock ‘n’ Roll skirts on all ready for our time to boogie on stage.

Wow, I was getting tired by the time we were arriving at the door ‘AGAIN. ‘ Now that we are doing our Rock ‘n’ Roll in front of everyone with the choir singing all over the place, I think that I am almost ready to call it a night. But sadly no I still have Choir Number Two that I have to perform in and I also have another three nights. Along with the rest of team 5 students I have a feeling that we are very excited to finally have this show up and running, but by the end of the week I am sure that we are going to be very, very, VERY tired!

Here is a link to my production label on my blog!


Here is a video that I made for Pass the Blog!

It is based on Parkvale School’s senior production,’ Parkvale Live’  

It has videos from different parts of the production. I made it on Movie Maker.

The videos were filmed by The Techie Team and Mr.M!

The diary above is from night number one of Parkvale School’s team 5 production!

Here is the link to where I made my music from:) 

Pass the blog is a blog that classes from all around the world can post something about what their class has done through out the week!

From Monday the 24th – Friday the 28th Room 20 have had the chance to put some of their work up!

Above is a video that I chose to do, with a diary from night number one for our senior school production!

ANZAC Invasion

James was very proud of his writing…

Day 1

My squad landed here at Gallipoli today and the Turks welcomed us with some shelling, hundreds died right there in front of us! I’m just glad I wasn’t one of them.
Then we had to dig our trenches while the Turks fired upon us. My mate Jacoe was shot in the arm twice and sent to the infirmary.

Day 2

I met Jack Simpson today, I helped him load an injured soldier onto his donkey and then he took him back to the infirmary.
And also when we were training a bomber attacked us, when the bomb went of our General said a bad word, it was pretty funny but we finally found him and took him hostage.

Day 3

Three days here and I’m scared straight I can’t close my eyes and every time I here a noise I grab my gun! Even the mice in the trench are scaring me.
Anyway today when the whistle blows we charge at the Turkish trenches and hope to take them. WWWHHHOOOAAA the whistle just blew I grabbed my gun and took a couple steps towards our tanks but then I must of got shot because I blacked out.
I woke up in the infirmary with Jacoe by my side he told me that Jack Simpson found me and took me to our new trenches.

Day 4

Today Jacoe and some other of the ANZACS were shot dead by Turkish Machine Gun fire near ANZAC Cove I could just imagine how sad Mrs. Dulis is going be when she gets the telegram.
Pretty soon I’m getting an award for saving and bringing Jacoe’s body back to camp for his Funeral.
Now I’ve got fourteen medals and trophies but this one is definitely one I’ll remember.

Day 5

Last night while I was asleep I herd these weird noises like dogs barking and donkey’s hooves trotting but now I know why, reinforcements came while we were asleep with tracking dogs and more donkeys.
Man as soon as a gun fired they screamed and barked it was almost funnier then when the general swore.
The new donkeys were so clean compared to the ones that have been here since the start. Anyway Gallipoli are still pushing my buttons with loads of bombs and bullets every couple of minutes!

Day 6

Tomorrow me and a couple other hundred ANZACS are going to try push further up into Turkish boundaries we are gonna have to climb up the cliffs to the Turkish tents its crazy but it may just work.

Day 7

Today is the day we take Gallipoli oh sorry journal I got to go it’s time!

Hello I’m another Anzac soldier called Ralph, Jake has died he was shot while he was climbing up the cliff and fell down and fell into the the rocky beach his body has been buried in Flanders Field along with the other thousands of men who died today.

Celebrating Writing

What would be your best day ever? I think my best day ever would be to go to Sydney (Australia). What I would want to do first is to go to the Sydney zoo and to look at all the koalas and kangaroos. I’d pick would be my three sisters, my Mum and Dad to come with me.

When I would get to Sydney I would also want to go to theme parks, shopping and other different places but I would want to go to the Sydney Opera house as well. The thing I like about the Sydney Opera house is that the building goes in spirals

I would also want to go to all the different places in town to go shopping and to drive around all the different places I haven’t been. Going shopping in Sydney would be the 2nd best thing to do in Sydney for me.

I think my favourite thing in Sydney would be going to Sydney the zoo and looking at the koala’s and kangaroo’s. But looking at the rest of the amazing like, the Sydney Oprah house shopping, and the theme parks and going to town I’ll still will like going to the zoo the most that’s what my best day would be.

By Lil

Celebrating Our Writing

Writing is something that the Neinsteins work really hard on.  Today we want to celebrate writing and would really appreciate feedback and suggestions…

We are reading and working towards writing a range of persuasive texts in “Writing Workshop 3” at the moment. These include advertisments, letters to the Editor, written debates, posters and labels. Today we wrote an argument from the Three Bears to Goldilocks explaining why they were going to press charges against her. We had to support our arguments with information… What do you think?

31st July, 2012

Dear Goldilocks,

We have been considering the morning that you broke into our house and whether or not to press charges against you.

Research shows that delinquent behaviours  in childhood often lead to extreme criminal activity as an adult. We are sure that you are aware of the broken chair, the messed up bed and the half-eaten porridge that you left behind. The very least you could have done was apologise and replace the chair!

Some people might say that we are being unfair and too hard on a little girl but we have decided to press charges against you.

As we have shown you have committed a number of offences including breaking and entering, theft and vandalism.

Yours faithfully,




Poppa, Mama and Baby Bear

Paired writing…

In class we have been learning how to tutor someone with Jill. When we have a tutoring session  Mrs K  and Jill demonstrate for us and then we go off with our tutoring partners. Brya and I are together and so far we have written about a day in the life of an elephant, what we have done in the holidays and heaps more. We love it because it is a new way of learning.

By Mia

We are learning soooo much about the role of the tutor and the role of the tutee!  Can you see how focused we are on our writing?  What comments can you make about what is going on in these photos?